Management Commitment

At South Apollo Engineering Services Limited the management at all levels provides strong, visible leadership, commitment and personal involvement in all aspects of Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

South Apollo Management, always ensures the following:

1. Making HSSE the first priority on personal and collective agenda.
2. Proactive leading and supporting HSSE by showing good example (e.g. correct PPE, obeying HSSE instruction, attendance at HSSE meetings, active participation in HSSE matters, etc.).
3. Treating HSSE as a business-critical activity.
4. Promoting and leading compliant HSSE Culture and initiatives.
5. Participating in HSSE visits and management walkthroughs.
6. Attending HSSE workshops.
7. Generally HSSE is everyone’s commitment in South Apollo, therefore, every employee is expected to perform his responsibilities as contained in the Company’s HSSE policy.

Management Commitment

Our Commitment to Target Zero LTI
At South Apollo Nigeria Limited, we are committed to achieving “Target Zero LTI” in all our operations by ensuring the following:
1. No harm to people
2. No incident/accident
3. No injuries/fatality
4. No damage to Equipment
5. No damage to Environment – A healthy working environment
6. Full commitment and compliance to the IOGP standards

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