Health and Safety

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy Statement

South Apollo Engineering Services Limited conducts its business in a manner that is compatible and well balanced between a responsible HSSE standards and the economic needs of an international Company.

Individual motivation for a sound performance in a workman-like manner with a close liaison between Quality and HSSE is the second stage in implementing HSSE. This is feasible by using an effective recruitment process and selecting subcontractors based on their performance in relation to HSSE standards.


South Apollo does not hesitate to demonstrate its concern for HSSE and considers compelling the labour force to adhere to the policy at all times.

Our policy addresses the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental risks to our operations and the potential impact on our host communities and staff; with strong management commitment at the highest level.

This reflects good working practices and it is mandatory in all the Company’s operations.

Health, safety, Security & Environment
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