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About Us

South Apollo Nigeria Limited (SANL)  is a multifaceted firm, business entity and a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. SANL is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC Number 1592724; to engage in International Business trading, General Engineering Services, Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) supplies and infrastructural developments.

We provide a reliable, efficient and secure means to purchase quality diesel charcoal and copper cathode/ore at the lowest possible prices. Our platform hosts an array of certified suppliers in order to provide consumers with the best possible tailored service at the best price.

Our stakeholders are – Petroleum Product Retailers, Bulk distributors, Oil Tank Farm Owners, Government Organisations, Regulatory Bodies and NGOs.

About South Apollo Nigeria Limited

Our Values


To address the needs of our clients through the use of our expertise in the manufacturing of high quality products as well as development of variety designs, planning, construction and rehabilitation of our living environment and communities in Nigeria and beyond.


South Apollo Nigeria Limited adhere to her assignments and agreements. We have qualified engineers, technical and managerial expertise to execute our quality products and projects to completion. We will maintain consistently, high quality production and services in every of our projects and services.


We are committed to excellent implementation of projects in conformity to given specifications. We have strong adherence to financial discipline within the approved budget and cash flow analysis for any given project budget.


We are globally aware and locally sensitive, sharing our expertise and experience to create innovative solutions, making us solution partners in support of our clients.

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