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South Apollo Nigeria Limited (SANL)  is a business entity and a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. SANL is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC Number 1592724; to engage in International Business trading, and the Oil and Gas sector.

We are substantially involved in the Oil and Gas Industry, especially with Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) supplies and broker-ship, fabrication of storage tanks and Logistics. We do Diesel sales and supplies ranging from Residential homes, Corporate Offices, hospitals, engineering sites, tank farms and importations from West Africa’s Coastal Areas.

Our International trading commodities also include Charcoals and Copper cathode, and we can implement our assignments in any part of the world while ensuring due diligence checks to ensure a fast and successful business.

With more than 2 years of experience and a proven willingness to take on a wide range of other related Services. The Company’s Professional team has all the expertise you need to help get utmost satisfaction in our deliverability. The kind of reliable, cost effective solution needs with zero Force majeuré.

About South Apollo Nigeria Limited

Our Values


To address the needs of our clients through the use of our expertise in the manufacturing of high quality products as well as development of variety designs, planning, construction and rehabilitation of our living environment and communities in Nigeria and beyond.


South Apollo Nigeria Limited adhere to her assignments and agreements. We have qualified engineers, technical and managerial expertise to execute our quality products and projects to completion. We will maintain consistently, high quality production and services in every of our projects and services.


We are committed to excellent implementation of projects in conformity to given specifications. We have strong adherence to financial discipline within the approved budget and cash flow analysis for any given project budget.


We are globally aware and locally sensitive, sharing our expertise and experience to create innovative solutions, making us solution partners in support of our clients.

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